Key cutting in Hobart and surrounding areas

Key cutting Hobart

Whether it’s for your residential or commercial property or your automobile, urgent or non-urgent, chances are you’re going to need a key cutting service in the Hobart area eventually.

But before you rush out and get those keys cut, it’s worth remembering that not all key-cutting services are created equal and it’s important to choose a provider wisely.

How Key cutting for your Hobart home, commercial property or car can go wrong

Many of us have come home from getting new keys cut to find the
new keys are difficult to use, won’t work at all and even sometimes won’t go in
the lock. Worse still, there are occasions when new keys have snapped off in
the lock.

Here are some of the ways that some key cutting services in
Hobart may let you down:

  • A poorly cut key will probably go into your
    lock, but if you have to jiggle it or pull it out of the lock slightly to get
    it to work, or it won’t work at all, chances are it was poorly cut. Key cutting
    is a skill, so like any other task it takes training and experience to get it
    right. It also takes up to date key cutting machinery which is well maintained.
    If you’re not confident your Hobart key cutting service doesn’t have the
    machinery or the know-how, it’s time to find another provider.
  • Another way is if the wrong key blank was used.
    The blank is the raw material used by key cutting services to produce new keys.
    There are a heck of a lot of key blanks that can be used and it’s important the
    right one is chosen. However, some key cutting services don’t have the
    experience and know-how to choose the correct blank. Others don’t have the
    blank options for every key. If the wrong blank was used you probably won’t get
    your key in the lock at all.
  • The other common way is if the original key is
    damaged or worn, or if the key that’s been duplicated is not the original. In
    these cases, you may be best to replace the lock rather than duplicate the key.
    Most standard key cutting services in Hobart won’t be able to help, but a key
    cutting service that is also a professional locksmith will.

Tas Mobile Locksmith – key cutting Service in Hobart

Tas Mobile Locksmith is a Hobart-based business that specialises in all
locksmith services, including key cutting. We operate in Bellerive, New Town and
elsewhere in Hobart and we come to you.

We have the most up to date key cutting equipment available and
can cut keys to code or duplicate your existing keys, for all lock types, all
onsite. This includes car keys. We stock a large range of electronic
transponder keys for later model cars and all we need is the make, model and
year of your car to advise if we can help.

So, when you need key cutting in the Hobart area, give Tasmanian Mobile Locksmith a call on 0417 090 696.