A 24 hour locksmith deals with a range of emergency situations across day and night. The most common form of emergency locksmith callouts are for ‘lockouts’

24 hour locksmith

What is a lockout?

Lockouts are situations when people have been inadvertently been ‘locked out’ of their car or house. As you can imagine being locked out can be frustrating, embarressing, inconvenient and even at times dangerous.  

Our most frequent locksmith call out is for home lockouts. This is where someone has been accidentally locked out of their homes. In these situations our locksmith need to gain access without damaging the home or vehicle.

Contrary to what you might imagine, home lockouts happen as commonly during the day as they do at night.

Urgent Locksmith Callouts

Sometimes lockouts are genuinely urgent. For example when a baby or toddler is locked inside the home or automobile and the parents are locked outside. The adverturous toddler may lock Mum and dad out of the home while they are still inside, unsupervised.

Even withthe sophisicated locking systems in modern cars, we’ve seen where children have been accidentally locked in a car

This are very stressful situations for the parents and require us to quickly triage the situation then respond promptly to rescue the child by gaining access back into the house or vehicle.

We deal with all types of scenarios, but recently we had to assist a customer who had locked their keys in the boot of their BMW. This particular make and model are known to be very difficult to gain access to. After multiple attempts by other locksmiths, we were called in, and were able to successfully open the car’s boot and reunite the owner with their keys.

Locksmith Due Diligence 

Our locksmiths respond to many different lockout scenarios but no matter what the emergency is they ensure to carry out their due diligence on every job.

If they are responding to an Automotive Emergency lockout, our locksmiths will ensure to check the oowner’sdetails and run internal checks on the cars rego tto confirm ownership.

If responding to Emergency home lockout our technicians will undertake formal ID checks, again this is to ensure ownership or right to gain access to the pproperty

Master Key Systems

We manage Master Key Systems for large commercial buildings, so we ensure to always undertake the appropriate checks and ensure all the appropriate documentation is filed.

Regardless of Residential, Commercial or Automotive, our lock technicians take the utmostcare when carrying out the emergency response to a lockout. We always ensuring we don’t cause further damage. Our attending Locksmith will also clean their workspace after each job, and of course, we always treat our customers with respect and kindness.

Locksmith Service Vehicles

Our service vehicles are equipped with the most up to date locksmithing equipment. This includes the latest in lock-picking equipment  and key coding machines. We think of our locksmith vans as moving workshops. They are equipped with the tools and replacement parts needed to assist with any lock job that comes our way.

We recently assisted a young mum who had actually been locked out of her house by her toddler. As you can imagine, like any parent, she was in full panic mode. Tas Mobile Locksmith responded within 10minutes of her call. Our Technician was inside her property within minutes of arriving onsite and she was reunited with her little one.

Automotive Security

As the times have changed, so has the level of security on vehicles. We are able to gain access to most early model vehicles within 5 minutes. Late model vehicle become increasing more difficult as Motor Companies increase the security technology. It can take our trained professionals anywhere from 15mins  to 3 hours to gain access. European cars have been know to be some of the most difficult vehicles to gain acess to.

Building Security 

Gaining access to Residential and Commercial properties will generally take a lock technician 2-10 minutes and is a much more straight forward process than gaining access to a vehicle.

Spare Keys

We stress to our customers the importance of always having a spare. Having access to a spare key can save a lot of time and money.