With restrictions easing and the world slowly returning to a new form of normality, we are beginning to return to the activities we once enjoyed pre pandemic and pre Covid-19. Without a doubt the most talked about and longed for activity has been travel. In 2020 when Covid-19 first hit Australia, no one necessarily expected it to become a worldwide pandemic. This pandemic saw the nation and the entire world working, living and operating entirely from home in a state of lockdown. With everyday activities such as grocery shopping, work, exercise and even school out of the question, the luxury of being able to travel was pushed righttttt to the bottom of the list.

So yes, we have been home more than usual and during this time perhaps have become somewhat blasé about things we normally would be vigilant about. One of these things is the importance of home security. I think I speak for myself and many other families when I say, this is something we experienced during the times we were required to work from home. Prevention is always far better than reaction strategies.

For many of us, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, our homes quickly became our fleeting offices. We became so familiar with this concept, often getting so enthralled in work that we genuinely forgot we were home altogether. Due to this ever-growing feeling of comfort, the need or arising thoughts about locking and securing doors did not become a top priority. Of course, there are different security risks at home compared to working in a commercial building such as an office complex, but both require a sense of vigilance. Many of us had the attitude of “I’m home anyway so it does not matter”, but in fact it sure does matter. So as we begin to step back into the world, the team here at Tasmanian Mobile Locksmiths have compiled a list of proposed things we must keep in mind and put into action going forward.

#1 Lock It Up x 2

It may seem like the most obvious tip, but it is often the most common issue…LOCK IT UP! In fact, according to Crimsafe, 32% of burglaries occur through an already unlocked door. In saying this, it extends far past just your front and back door, it encompasses all locks on your property, including other doors, windows, gates, sheds and garage entry points. Of course, a locked door may not deter all offenders, but we believe it is a sure good place to start. Do not be part of this statistic, lock your doors and check them twice.

#2 Quality Of Locks Themselves

Moving on from the actual action of locking doors, another thing that can add to your homes level of security is the quality of entry points such as the locks themselves. In addition to the lock on your main front and back door, the quality of deadlocks, lock sets, window locks, mortice locks and sliding door locks also matter. Here at Tas Mobile Locksmith’s not only do we install these locks, but we also offer ongoing service and repair aimed to maximise your home security. The quality of locks boil down to a few factors. These factors include, the type of lock (manual or digital), the material the lock is made from and of course the quality of installation. Sometimes this can be confusing, but the team here at Tasmanian Mobile Locksmith’s are here to help clear up any confusion and concern while helping you to decide which type of lock is best for your property and best for your overall lifestyle.

So, as you return to a somewhat normal way of living, we encourage you to ensure you remain vigilant and alert about protecting your home by taking some very simple steps. It can truly be as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Remembering to lock your doors and windows
  2. Investing in quality locks
  3. Scheduling regular maintenance of locks and security systems

So, if you are looking for a quality Locksmith in Tasmania, look no further that Tasmanian Mobile Locksmith’s. Our trusted residential locksmith team is available for homes in Bellerive, New Town, North Hobart and other surrounding areas. No matter the lock or home security concern, we possess the industry expertise and high-quality products to exceed your expectations. And what is better, if you happen to encounter a hiccup, we offer 24-hour emergency locksmith services all over Hobart. Have peace of mind knowing an experienced locksmith is only a phone call away to assist you with all your home security and general locksmith needs.

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