The age of all things digital has now transferred to the world of locksmiths and specifically residential, commercial and automotive security. The popularity of keyless entry and digital locks is rapidly on the rise in comparison to the use of traditional locks and keys. This cutting-edge technology was first (and most commonly used) in the automotive industry for car keys. Due to its convenience and innovative nature, this concept has now made its way into both residential and commercial uses by locksmiths all over the world including Tasmania.

You may ask, what actually is keyless entry? How do digital locks work? And of course, are they safe and reliable? Keyless entry is a relatively new security concept now being used by Hobart locksmiths. Keyless entry utilises the use of smart or digital locks that use a digital set of ‘keys’ to grant access. These keys come in an array of forms including codes entered onto a keypad, a scannable access card, fingerprint scans and sometimes even through the use of smartphone apps. So, considering all of this, what are the pros and cons of this new technology? and is it actually for you? Read on to find out more and decide for yourself.


#1: Savvy Security

The first and most obvious pro for any type of lock is the benefit of good security. In terms of keyless entry and digital locks these benefits are somewhat supreme. As keyless entries do not require a physical key, the risk of losing a key or it landing into the wrong hands are therefore eliminated and non-existent. Of course, it depends which entry access you decide to go with, but if for example you went with only code access, only those that know the numerical or alphabetical code combination would be able to gain access. With this new security technology have peace of mind knowing your property is secure. Now that’s total security!

#2: Total Time Saver

We all know the feeling. Hands full of groceries and rummaging through pockets or a handbag to retrieve those pesky house keys. A tricky task that never ever gets easier…or can it. With keyless entry you will carry less keys around, get inside quicker and more secure than ever before. A true time saver that has an added security bonus particularly when carrying heavy items inside or if you are exiting or entering your house or business alone at night-time. Stay safe, stay keyless.

#3: Good Investment

Whilst the installation of this modern piece of technology is at an expense, it is certainly a worthwhile one. Investing in your home in this way will help improve and drive the resale value of your home, office or car. In addition to this, it may also help you to sell your property faster when the time comes. This is because modern, up-to-date technologies are highly sought after and therefore a great selling point.


#1: Door Quality is Everything

Whilst keyless entry and digital locks are extremely smart and secure, one thing that can hinder their security performance is the actual quality of the door the lock is to be installed onto. You can have the most unique code set up for your digital lock by your locksmith but if the door itself is flimsy, hinges rusted and overall, not durable, then there is nothing stopping an intruder from physically kicking down the door anyway. Therefore, if digital locks are something you are looking into you must first consider upgrading your door to a better quality one (hinges, material, etc.) to ensure you get the best out of your digital lock.

#2: Possible Power Interruptions

The main downside of digital locks is that they rely solely on electricity. This means that on the odd occasion there is a power failure in your area, there is a possibility for power fuelled problems to arise. Power failures have the potential to cause doors to remain locked or unlocked until electricity has been restored. To combat this, many locksmiths have come up with innovative ways to avoid this, such as installing secret physical locking and unlocking controls onto digital locks in case of emergency. As this technology continues to develop there is no doubt that this problem will eventually be avoided completely. Perhaps the use of solar power may be incorporated into future designs…you will just have to stay tuned.

All in all, the concept of keyless entry and digital locks are sure to become the way of the future for residential, commercial and of course automotive security needs. This technology ultimately assists in giving homeowners, business owners and car owners more control overall. Avoid lost keys, scrap time wasted searching for your keys and most importantly keep track of exactly who has access to your property as keys to digital locks cannot be replicated. Speak to us at Tasmanian Mobile Locksmith’s for more information and advice on upgrading your home, office or car access systems. An experienced locksmith will assist you to ensure you find the right system to suit your property needs.

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