Protect your home from burglars
Tas Mobile Locksmiths are lock specialists, and also provide home security solutions. We are often asked ‘how can we protect my home from theft’

Here are five simple steps to reduce the chance of your home from been broken into.

1. Lock the doors

While you might think this is is obvious, securing the home by locking doors is quite often overlooked.

Lock garage, gates and outdoor sheds too

Don’t forget about locking all doors and points of access. This includes locking Garage doors and gates as well as securing your outdoor shed.

This ensures that none of your assets are left unsecured, and so easily able to be stolen.

2. Ensure you have window locks

Window locks prevent burglars from gaining access to your home, sheds or garage. Note that these locks are required to be compliant with most insurance policies.

3. Spare keys

Don’t leave spare keys in obvious locations like under the porch mat or in a pot plant. Consider getting a ‘lockbox’ installed to securely hold a spare key for emergency access to your home.

Who already has keys to your home?

Be sure you know who has access to your property. Have you just bought a new house in Hobart? Or moved into a rental? Time to call a locksmith and have the locks re-keyed

4. Good quality lock hardware.     

Ensure you are using good quality lock hardware that was installed by a professional locksmith. Poor quality locks might give you a false sense of security, when in fact a burglar can easily gain access to your home.

Call us and we’ll provide a security audit so you know how secure your home is

5. Use a professional locksmith

While it might seem cheaper or easier to DIY your home security, in the long term, a professional locksmith has greater expertise and is more likely to secure your property.

Ultimately you want to reduce your risk of losing valuable and sentimental property by keeping burglars out of your home.