We have all been there. You already know what we’re referring to. Remember that one time you left your keys inside your car while you ducked inside to grab something, you came back to a locked car and were forced to call out your local mobile locksmith? If you have never experienced this dreadful feeling, lucky you! However, as mobile locksmiths, we know just how many Australians have been locked out of their car once or twice. The majority of the time, these situations could have been resolved if the customer had a spare automotive key, saving themselves plenty of time and hundreds of dollars by calling out a mobile locksmith. You have a spare key for the house, so why not invest in one for your car?

Not convinced yet? We have compiled 5 reasons why you should have a spare car key; for better, for worse, or for simply peace of mind.

1. Accidents happen. Spare car keys can help.

Yes, accidents happen, but investing in a spare car key can minimise the damage, dramatically. We’ve covered lockouts, but broken car keys can also cause some sort of panic. Old, unreliable car keys can weather away over time, making them less durable and easier to break in a car door or ignition. While this can elicit some sort of panic, a spare car key can reduce stress levels. Yes, it’s quite frustrating breaking a car key, but a spare key can get you back on the road faster, allowing you precious time to continue using your car while you source a new car key.

Another common accident is leaving your keys somewhere. Countless Australians leave their keys in shopping centres, in a friend’s car, at a friend’s place, or simply anywhere. There’s no worse feeling than going to grab your car keys to go to work and realising they are sitting very pretty on your mate’s kitchen counter from last night.

We all live busy lives, don’t let yours be interrupted by a broken or lost car key. It can take seconds for a quick accident to happen, but your every day life can be hindered for days, if not weeks, without a spare car key. Even more, once you lose all your keys, the cost for starting from scratch can start at $395 and go up to $1200.

2. Spare car keys can help avoid key and lock damage

Using the same key in the same lock day in and day out can have the same effect as any sort of object that is used every day. Think about your office chair or shoes and how worn they both are; your keys and locks also get worn over time. By having a spare car key, you are not only avoiding detrimental effects of accidents, but also prolonging the wear of your key and lock. We recommend switching your keys often to avoid wearing one key down day after day.

3. Spare car keys allow two drivers

While sharing a car can be quite the hassle, sharing a car with only one key can be even more frustrating. Constantly taking your car key off your set of keys can be a tedious task, especially if you are having to do it every day with your partner. If you take advantage of a spare car key, you will have your own set for your own journey. It’s the simple pleasures in life, right?

3. Utilise customisable settings with spare car keys

Technology is working its way into our lives in more ways than one – including in our car keys. Luxury brands are introducing customisable car keys which allow you to assign personal settings to your driving experience, such as a certain music volume, maximum car speed and air conditioning settings. This means your driving experience is completely customised to suite you and your preferences, so imagine another person coming in and changing these settings? If you have a spare car key, you can choose to have one key set to your preferences and another key set to very basic preferences, for the odd drive another person takes in your car.

On the topic of technology, some vehicles require 2 keys to be programmed into the vehicles ECU. Therefore, if you misplace your current keys, you could end up buying two new keys opposed to replacing just the one. (If you aren’t sure if this is the case for your vehicle – just ask us!)

3. You want a set of spare car keys on your next holiday; trust us.

Holidays are extremely fun, but they can also be slightly stressful, especially if you’re the one organising it. While a set of spare car keys may not be on the top of your list of things to bring with you, you will be glad when you have them. With the heightened stress and excitement levels on a holiday, it is easy to leave your keys in the sand or forget to grab them heading out the door. Knowing you have a spare car key on your next holiday is just another way to achieve peace of mind, and ensure you always have a way into your car or to your next destination.

Like we said, it can take seconds to lose your car keys, break them, and wear them down, but you may be reaping the consequences for days or weeks while Uber to work everyday and find time to replace your original set. Allow yourself to take a deep breathe next time you’re in a sticky situation knowing you have a spare set of car keys to pull you through the mud. Think of it like insurance, you’re hoping you won’t ever need to use it, but it’s nice to know it’s there.

Either way, we’re here for you! If you don’t see a spare car key as a reliable asset, you can count on Tas Mobile Locksmiths to be there to get you out of your unfortunate situation. On the other hand, we can also provide you with that all-too-secure spare car key to ensure you never feel that dread ever again.

The process for duplicating a spare is straight-forward and easy. For a standard automotive key, we only charge $165-$330 for a spare key to be duplicated.