Many people know that terrible feeling of locking themselves out of their house, losing the keys to their car or having the lock on their commercial property broken. If you live in or around Hobart, you probably don’t think about a locksmith very often, but that can change very quickly when you really need them.

Hobart Locksmiths

6 things to look for in a locksmith in Hobart

1. 24/7 Services

Not every locksmith job is urgent, but if your car is broken into or you are locked out of your residential or commercial property, you can’t wait until 8am in the morning. You need help now. So when looking for a locksmith in Hobart you’ll want one that offers 24 hour services, seven days a week.

2. Mobile

A Hobart locksmith with a shop-front may look impressive, but it’s not as impressive as one that can come to you. After all, it’s possible if you need a locksmith in the first place it’s because you can’t use your car or can’t leave your premises for security reasons.

3. Fast response

Just as important as 24/7 mobile services is the ability for your Hobart locksmith to get to you quickly. Needing a locksmith in the first place can be a hassle, but it shouldn’t affect your entire day.

4. Professional, licensed, trained Hobart locksmiths

If your locksmith still produces a coat hanger to get keys out of a locked car, chances are they’re not professional or highly trained! So, when you’re looking for a locksmith in Hobart, make sure they have the experience, expertise and professionalism to do the job. Make sure they’re licensed, qualified and insured. And make sure they’re backed by organisations such as the Master Locksmiths Association and the Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania.

5. Advice

Having a locksmith in Hobart that comes to you will also make it easier for the locksmith to give you accurate and sound advice. If you’ve suffered a break-in, a mobile locksmith can secure your property as quickly as possible and also provide advice on how to help prevent it happening again. If you’ve locked yourself out of your home, they’ll get you back inside with a minimum of fuss and advise you on how to prevent a future recurrence.

6. Comprehensive services

While you might need a locksmith in Hobart for a specific job, it’s good to know they can provide a comprehensive locksmith service. From cutting keys, to lock repairs and re-keying and more, from residential, to commercial and automotive. A locksmith who can provide a full range of services is a must.

Tasmanian Mobile Locksmith

Tasmanian Mobile Locksmith is a Hobart-based business that provides a 24 hour emergency service. They operate in Bellerive, New Town or elsewhere in Hobart. Plus, as their name implies, they’re mobile, so they come to you.

So, next time you’re in a bind and need a locksmith in Hobart, give Tasmanian Mobile Locksmith a call on 0417 090 696. Their highly trained, professional and comprehensive services are available for all home, business and car needs.